Eurovision 2024 final mired in controversy over Israeli participation, expulsion of Dutch contestant | 5 points

By vinod May12,2024
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Their victory in the Swedish city of Malmo followed a turbulent year for the pan-continental pop contest ,that saw large street protests against the participation of Israel that tipped the feel-good musical celebration into a chaotic pressure cooker overshadowed by the war in Gaza. On their Instagram story, Bambie Thug explained that there had been a “situation” prior to the flag parade rehearsal “which I felt needed urgent attention” from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).The 2024 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is set to be a complete drama. Nemo, 24, is the first nonbinary winner of the contest that has long been embraced as a safe haven by the LGBT community.

Such a last-minute disqualification is unprecedented in the 68-year history of Eurovision, although countries have boycotted the event and in some cases been expelled — including Russia, kicked out after its 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

Eurovision Song Contest 2024 final: 5 Points

1. The participation of Israel in the final has not gone well with the residents, who carried out a march for the second time this week to demand a boycott of Israel and a cease-fire in the seven-month war. J

2. Eurovision Song Contest 2024 final is being organised in the Malmo city of Sweden, which has considerable Muslim population. Klein was among the eight finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 final and was popular among bookmakers and fans with his song “Europapa.”

3. The Israeli artist was also asked to change the original title of its song, “October Rain,” which is about the October 7 attacks by the Hamas terrorists on Israel, during which 1,200 Israeli nationals were killed and the Gaza war was triggered. 

4. The organizers have declared the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 an ‘apolitical’ event. Still, some experts are calculating the cost of announcing Eden Golan as the winner, which could attract more intense protests.

5.Israel’s contestant, Eden Golan, faced intense booing during the semi-final event, but the artist didn’t know much about the protests. She is guarded heavily by the armed police during her stay in Sweden. 

By vinod

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