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Welcome to the Railway Study Association
The Railway Study Association provides a forum for the exchange of experience, knowledge and opinion on issues relating to all aspects of the railway industry.

Our membership is drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, embracing operations, engineering, business planning, project management, marketing and consultancy - to mention but a few.

We seek to achieve our objectives by arranging a variety of meetings, ranging from formal lectures followed by a question and answer session to seminars, in which higher levels of personal participation are possible.

There are also visits to railway sites and installations and study tours, both in the UK and abroad. Forthcoming events are featured on other sections of this website.

An important feature of all our activities is the opportunity they offer participants to meet and share experiences with other members of the railway community. This informal networking is one of the most effective ways to drive personal and professional development.
The Railway Study Association offers both individual and corporate membership packages, details of which can be found here. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.
Monday 01 January 2018 - Saturday 31 March 2018
CILT transition
**THE RSA WEBSITE WILL BE CLOSING IN THE NEAR FUTURE AND MEMBERS ARE THEREFORE REQUESTED TO LOOK AT THE CILT WEBSITE FOR DETAILS OF FUTURE MEETINGS AND EVENTS.** The RSA is now nearing completion of the process of transitioning into a forum within the CILT. We would encourage RSA members to join the RSA forum within the CILT so that they can continue to benefit from everything CILT membership has to offer which includes: Access to CILT Rail Sector where you will find links to sector specific events, training and courses, in addition to our range of specialist Forums including our brand new Railway Study Association Forum created specifically to welcome our new members transferring from RSA. 12 copies of our renowned membership journal, Logistics & Transport Focus full of topical articles, news and case studies. Excellent networking opportunities at over 350 national, regional and sector-specific events throughout the year. Read more
Thursday 05 April 2018 - London
Sessional meeting
Peter Connell, senior consultant at Leigh Fisher will talk about how the industry forecasts demand (in layman's terms) and a history of how revenue has grown since privatisation. This will probably take place in London, though venue is to be confirmed. Read more
Wednesday 09 May 2018 - Birmingham
Sessional meeting
Stephen Vaughn, Director for Fabric Learning, will speak about company/employee engagement and how staff can feel more valued and therefore provide better customer service. Read more
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